Marketo User Summit Update: 10 Steps to Successful Marketo Implementation

Marketo User Summit Update: 10 Steps to Successful Marketo Implementation

Today, I attended a session because it seemed interesting, but it also had a Star Wars reference in its title – so they knew how to attract, well, me! The title was Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try.

In the session, Sara Ayoub of Laureate Education described her key learnings about Marketo implementation and I’ve listed the ones I found relevant below!

1. Identify and leverage your Marketo champion

This is the person in your organisation who will drive, defend and champion Marketo. This person doesn’t have to understand Marketo completely but should be an executive.

2. Thoroughly socialise your business case. 

Show how Marketo can help and spread that message far and wide within the organisation. This will help you prepare people for any shift in process that is coming and give you the power to speak freely about Marketo and get insight into your colleague’s views and wishes for Marketing Automation

3. Bring in the experts

Marketo Services, Internal IT, Design Agency, Marketing strategy, content creation, SEM, Martech BA… Well, let’s just say bring in RMS and we’ll help!

3.5 Let the demos and training do the talking.

I agree with this to an extent. I don’t think they should be doing the talking – I think YOU should be in socialising your business case above. What I think you SHOULD do is LOTS of demos and training to completely understand the product and what you are working towards.

4. Build the best tech stack.

Google, SFDC, GoToWebinar, videos, RTP… the list is infinite. Martech requires that you as a Marketer become a part BA. But when it comes to setting up your tech-stack bring in the experts and ensure you consider ALL your technology requirements.

5. Nurture – get your data into Marketo and get Nurturing

It’s important to remember not to fall into the trap of using Marketo as an email blasting engine. Jump straight into Nurture and you’ll understand what Email Automation is all about.

6. Create foundational capabilities that can scale.

Think about and plan folder structure, AQA, naming conventions, data validation, data cleansing. The mundane tasks are important to set up ahead or everything will be disorganised in the future.

7. Make sure your data model serves your customer.

Think about your customer’s journey. There are so many different ways you can use and set-up your data. If you’re unsure how you should do this to service your own customers, let’s have a chat

8. Understand the difference between “could” and “should”

There is SO much you can achieve inside of Marketo and planning is fantastic – just remember to prioritise your plan and take things one step at a time. Pick the core elements you need and want to go live so that you actually execute the important things. This leads into the next point quite nicely.

9. Make a plan before going live and pace your team accordingly.

You need to keep reporting back to management, in particular to your champion! Make sure that in your plan you are REALISTIC, build in time for breaks, reviews and reality checks.

10. Know when and how to train sales for increased enablement.

For some of our clients, it’s sales for others its field staff. Regardless, we’re referring to the people who will benefit from the leads you are creating. Think about when Marketing should be taking a driver’s seat vs. when you should listen to sales.

RMS has some guides and best practices around each of these points, so if you would like more information or just to discuss your views, please contact us or leave a comment below!

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