8 new things about Marketo – from the Product Keynote @ Summit 2017

8 new things about Marketo – from the Product Keynote @ Summit 2017

After the excitement of the opening keynote with Steve Lucas doing a great job of trying to control Brit-made-good-in-America James Corden – the biggest session of the day at the 2017 Marketo Summit was the Product Keynote.


Marketo Summit 17 8 things to know

8 topics were covered during the session – as I’ve listed below.

  1. Platform. They delivered Project Orion and a few other things are changing in the core of Marketo to take on the enterprise non pure-play marketing automation vendors.
  2. System monitoring. This is going to be fun – there’ll be some changes to allow us to see things that only insiders could see before.
  3. Analytics. A whole new engine for reporting. It does sound as if this is likely to be an additional module/tile for us to buy – but it looks exciting.
  4. APIs. The way Marketo presents itself to technology integration partners will change. Although the majority of the audience wont care too much about this [and the presenters made a really strong point of this by setting off an air-raid siren!] – the point is that it’ll be easier to create new Apps, your favourite Apps will work better with Marketo and data can be moved around a lot easier.
  5. Performance stats. Say no more. But comparing yourself anonymously to others in your industry could be an interesting -if scary for some- thought!
  6. Ad Bridge. Amongst other little things – one biggie stuck out. Ad Campaign lists will be dynamic just like your Smart Lists. This is a biggie, but it only ‘sunk-in’ to me when Cheryl described an example. Your customer goes on a journey with you. Along the way you’re serving up emails and sending them to LPs for early stage, late stage, purchase/on-boarding. Why should the re-marketing Ads that the client sees STILL be stuck back in the first stage? Think about it – how many times have you seen Ads for things popping up for things you’ve already bought? Or worse – the month after you bought, a better deal is announced if you buy NOW! The advantage of using Marketo will be that it becomes the central hub – the platform of engagement – which brings demographic data, behavioural data and purchasing data together – with Marketo driving your Ad messaging on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn .. and others to come such as Gmail ..
  7. Account Based Marketing. There was a LOT of talk about this today. Heaps, in fact – and it’s pretty clear that it’s a major attention grabber for B2B marketers.
  8. New UI – yes a new User Interface. Brace yourselves, people! No dates yet – but I think it’s safe to assume late this year or early 2018.

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