The Annual Fridge Clean Out ..

The Annual Fridge Clean Out ..

Every few months it’s great to purge the office fridge … to clean out the old stuff that’ll make you sick, remove the bad smelling stuff and cleanse that which has been left behind by employees since moved on or that which folk have forgotten about.

And so it is with data. Yes, it’s time for the annual cull of the data inside of your CRM/Marketing Automation/SMS systems.

No, I don’t enjoy this.  But it’s a necessity.  If we don’t do it:

  • We will get sick [our email deliverability rates cannot afford to dip, we protect that like the English used to protect David Beckham’s feet]
  • Things will smell [the ROI will drop off and that won’t look great for your next salary review, will it ?]
  • We may get tagged as a spammer [has only happened once in 8 years using Marketo @ RMS, so that’s a record to defend].
  • You may get a huge renewal invoice from your CRM or MA vendor .. cleanse people, it saves money and makes you look better !

There will be some parts of the fridge that will get more attention than others:

  • Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Campaign Memberships – it’s time to purge!

See you at the fridge, soon !


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