CMS microsites vs Marketo linked Landing Pages

CMS microsites vs Marketo linked Landing Pages

Are you still getting an agency to build CMS microsites for your marketing campaigns? Really?  No need.  in 2016, you should be self-serving.

If you have Marketing Automation tools such as Marketo, then you don’t need the over-expensive digital agency.  With a few decent digital assets/templates you can be building awesome looking technically advanced beautiful looking microsites yourself – in minutes.

You have everything you need .. and this 2010’s way of working needs to be viewed for what it is: the old way.

The problem with doing it the old way:

  • You’re creating silos of data/information again.  You bought into Marketing Automation for a reason.  But here’s the digital agency responsible for getting you to build those microsites creating silo’d versions each with their own digital analytics [are you allowed access to the back end?  to get WordPress analytics reports?  Or do they keep that to themselves as a part of their magic sauce?  seriously – this is your data!]
  • Marketo loses a lot of goodness – sure you can put munchkin on each of the WordPress pages … but you get a lot more when you have a series of linked Marketo Landing Pages.

What you should be able to do:

  • Get a suite of templates and build the microsite yourself.  Self serve !  Don’t outsource something so important as the platform.
  • Get all of your the data in one place.  Just don’t allow your digital agency to get access to your data – and don’t let them fracture it !
  • Get the ROI from your Marketo. In our experience these microsite’d jobs cost a lot of money – so everyone is invested in it and you try to make it work – even if it’s not looking good at the beginning.  You probably try too hard – because to do another one will just be too much effort. Ugh.  The whole point of Marketo is to try things, fail fast or win fast, but move onto the next one if required.

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