Cookie law – Australia

Cookie law – Australia

[For our Australian customers — watch this space for our international customers] Cookies are small pieces of data that websites place on a visitor’s computer. This way a range of information specific for that visitor can be tracked. I guess you could say that cookies are a form of memory storage for web pages. With the storage of personal information we need to keep the privacy implications in mind.

The cookie law

The cookie law is a piece of European privacy legislation that requires websites to get approval from visitors to store information from their web visits. This law was instated in May 2011 to protect online privacy.  By making consumers aware of how information about them is collected and used online, and give them a choice to allow it or not.  For more information about what cookies are and the cookie law visit Cookiepedia.

Cookie law Australia

In Australia we have the The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) to regulate the handling of personal information. For now the APPs have no impact on how cookies are handled and dealt with, unless the cookies obtained from users contain personally identifiable information where:

  1. the APP entity collects the personal information from someone other than the individual; or
  2. the individual may not be aware that the APP entity has collected the personal information.

Cookie messages

To comply to the European cookie law it is necessary to inform your web visitors about your use of cookies. Most websites do this by having a pop up on entry of the website that shows their corporate cookie message. A cookie message should include the following two aspects:

  1. Information on the fact that the website uses cookies to store certain information; and
  2. the option for the visitor to accept or decline the use of cookies during their visit.

How RMS can help

We are well aware that currently a cookie message on your website is not necessary to comply with the APPs. Though if your website is being used globally, including in Europe, you might want to consider having a cookie message on your website. RMS can help with that. We provide cookie message implementations and help you develop a messages suited for your corporate website’s needs. Feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like to learn more.

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