Your database needs protecting, cleansing and nurturing

Your database needs protecting, cleansing and nurturing

We’ve all been there: you’ve planned the campaign, you’ve built the assets, and you’ve prepped the program and chosen the campaign members.  You’ve sent it out and gotten a disappointing response. Sucks doesn’t it? Chances are, that this is due to bad data. Even with the best campaign and with the most awesome offer ever, if the data is inaccurate, you’re going to struggle. RMS’s list cleanse and data management services is designed to help. You can use these services for multiple purposes:

  • Verifying the contact names – and that they still work there
  • Fleshing out new personnel from within the target organisation/company
  • Checking their demographic information and if they’re still using that competitive product

Sound good? Yes, we know.

Outsource your data cleanse

Outsource your list cleanse to us. You know you don’t have time to do it. We have a trusted ‘cousin company/partner’ overseas who we work with. Don’t worry – your data remains secure. We EITHER:

  • build an excel sheet with mirroring your CRM system – we take all the drop down/marketing/notification criteria that you have in your CRM system into the excel sheet and this forces us to use the same criteria.  we include all of the SFDC IDs so that we can easily upsert at the end of the cleanse.
  • OR we give CRM read/write access to only those leads that need cleansing – we can even use Marketing Automation to add bounces/bad data into a campaign – dynamically adding records to the call list for the data managers.

Simple. Easy. Brilliant.

We can cleanse databases from 100x records up to hundreds of thousands, due to the economies of scale we execute at.

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