Massive difference in result from different telemarketing approach.

Massive difference in result from different telemarketing approach.

I am always amazed by my team and the way we do things.  But I am always blown away by the way different members of the team go about doing things.  And we use this to our advantage all the time.

Allow me to explain.

We ran a campaign for a client last week.  The brief was to call into a number of organisations in the UK to gather details for a [later] campaign.  This actually turned into a tough gig – the industry we were calling is very untalkative, very guarded of giving out information and generally quite blunt and rude.  So some of us found out.  Our strategy to counter this was to run a test – to see what worked best.  We split the list into 4 chunks – and the four RMSers involved in this job tackled their list.  We developed the script as usual – and then we approached our targets; allowing the RMSers to apply their own spin on the script.

Different Strokes for different folks !
Even in a tight-knit group of people as RMS [we’ve worked together for ten years some of us] the results were amazingly different.

In order to test which messages work best, we decided to vary our approach.  Only one of us mentioned that we were calling from Sydney; only one of us led with the name of the client etc. etc. – we had many different varients to test.

The approach of: “Hi, I am calling from Sydney Australia and I am looking for the person with responsibility for xyz …” outperformed every other approach by a country mile.  I guess when you think about it, it’s not that much of a surprise – we were basically ‘opening  up’ to the person we’re talking to and attaching a level of importance to this ‘phone call from the other side of the world.  Suddenly the call from Sydney has a level of importance, and an urgency about it … it’s ‘different’ enough to be handled unlike the other calls received by that person that day.


So what can we learn from this ?  Well – to cut through, every call that you make needs to be like this.  The telephone calls you make needs to be Urgent, have Relevance and be of clear Value to the recipient.  [You could tell them that you’re calling from overseas of course .. but that ruse might not last too long !].  Enjoy your telemarketing — or ask us to do it for you.

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