Got blogging frustrations? Here’s 5x tricks to engage your blogging team

Got blogging frustrations? Here’s 5x tricks to engage your blogging team

It can be difficult to find time yourself to write blog content for your business. How do you engage your blogging team better to do the same? We give our 5 top tricks below.

1.  Address all objections and validate

If someone feels like they are not being listened to, they are not likely to do you any favours. Listen to the concerns of your staff, validate them and try to come to a compromise.

2. Define roles

There are lots of roles involved in just one blog post. Who is responsible for SEO? Who regulates the images? the analytics? Who posts to social media? Define roles that each of your staff are comfortable with, and set up a calendar. If there is complete visibility and sufficient notice it will be a lot easier to maintain momentum in your content generation.

3.  Set your strategy up using a project management tool

Manage tasks, checklists, potential blog ideas and reporting within a project management tool. We at RMS use Active Collab to manage our blogging strategy. This way nothing is forgotten, and encourages transparency across roles. This way no one feels like they’re doing too much – it’s all too obvious you’re all in the same boat!

4.  Make sure you have a strategy

Without a blogging or content strategy, your content runs the risk of poor alignment to your brand or poor performance. Worse still, if you don’t even analyse your results and continue to optimise. You need to align your business objectives with your strategy. This way you have a clear goal, and it’s easier to see, track and manage the benefits of all your hard work! I find Hubspot cover this quite well, but not everyone has time to do it themselves.

5.  Spread the objective and provide incentives amongst your team

If your team have little idea about what you’re trying to achieve, they are unlikely to be fully invested in the vision. You need to engage and involve your team in your business objectives to gain traction and establish a sense of a common goal. Additionally if they all feel like they’re in the same boat, they’re more likely to assume a little more accountability. How do you do that? With incentives. A group activity, free lunch, credit towards a day off a year – give the people what they want!


Of course if you just don’t have the resources, RMS can help with blogging strategy, content generation, and manage the socialisation of your content for you. This includes ongoing reporting and optimisation. Give us a buzz if you’d like to get a quote for such a service.





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