Event management – a core marketing competency

Event management – a core marketing competency

With all the hype and kerfuffle around Marketing Automation, Social, CRM, who-opened-what email you sent and other such things, it’s easy sometimes to lose track of the basics.

Good, appealing, interesting events is one of those things.




Above you’ll see one of the feedback forms from an event in Sydney that we ran a couple of weeks ago. This is the feedback from the most important person in the room – one of our customers’ customers.

This is the value that RMS brings to our clients. Yes: Marketing Automation did power the event form, the auto-response with .ICS, the 2x follow-ups to ensure a 95% attendance-rate (in Sydney!) and all the follow-up comms.

But event management is a key activity in the marketing mix. Indeed, in a strawman poll of clients, over 50% of RMS customers listed events in the top two things they execute by ROI. Organising events is sometimes like trying to juggle water, but it’s clear that the value in the excellent execution is huge. It’s often the Call to Action that your marketing automation-powered comms is pushing to people .. the end game and the final step before that prospect signs on the bottom-line.

So – it’s vital to do well. We should never underestimate the value in handling these core activities well!

We have a series of checklists for events – based on 15 years of running events. If you’d like a copy, drop me an email !

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