Why Events Matter

Why Events Matter

Events matter. Even the smallest event can lead to big things.  A well thought out and well executed event- regardless of size – can help to grow your business.

In this blog, we share some of the key things that we have foremost in our mind to ensure success every time.

  • The first requirement is a compelling message, especially when the invitation list is cold.  A concise, well-constructed invitation which is relevant to the audience lifts your profile and spreads the word about you and your brand.
  • Tailor your event, to the right audience, there is little point in a well-constructed invitation that goes to the wrong audience. Attract the right participants, select the right venue, maximize the number of invitees, create interest and build relationships with participants both at the event and afterwards.
  • Highlight a problem that they may be experiencing, that your organisation is able to solve. Even small events require a large invitation list invite existing customers, past customers, potential customers and cold leads, in other words the bigger the invitation list the better but only if it is relevant. The majority won’t attend but they will now know that your brand is out there and can solve problems for them.  Who knows they may attend your next event.
  • Events create interest in the market. People register to attend because they have an interest in the topic you’re presenting.  To keep that interest alive you will doubtlessly have to touch your invitee list multiple times – and in multiple ways: such as phone, email, social media, blogs.
  • Get the sales team involved, early.  After all it is them that will benefit.

The attendee with a problem you can solve is a sales dream comes true.  An attendee with a problem is likely to want a two way conversation with a sales person. They have taken the time to attend, so ensure your sales team takes the time to engage with them.  Ask questions about their particular problem; provide examples of how your organisation has helped others with the same problem and keep conversation going once the event is over.

Well after an event is over they continue to provide benefits to the business. You now a have a good reason to stay in touch, regardless of whether they attended or not. Build relationships with the invitees; ask for feedback on the event, blog about the event, place relevant information on your website or on social media and send the slides.

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