Facebook Advertising – Customer Journey

Facebook Advertising – Customer Journey

Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful forms of Web marketing.

We have a lot of B2B clients who will often say “Our clients just aren’t ON Facebook”. Well, that argument just doesn’t stand up really – so if you’re not using it, you should.

Many companies don’t use Facebook advertising to its full potential. Below we explain one use-case —

“How Facebook advertising generates MQL leads for your business”

Overview of method-

Facebook advertising Customer Journey

Step-1: Define one customer avatar

Customer avatar – a fictional character that represents your ideal prospect. When complete, it will help you understand the motivating beliefs, fears and secret desires that influence your customer’s buying decisions.

Step-2: Set-up Facebook ad account for advertising

Facebook doesn’t offer a business page only login. Pages are connected to the personal accounts of everyone who is an admin. The same is true for ad accounts.

Your personal Facebook account is permitted to have only one Ad Account, So if you want someone else to manage your account then you’ll need to use Business manager, For more information here is a guide on business manager from Facebook

Once your Ad account is setup with all the information and billing method. go to Step-3

Step-3: Setup Tracking

Yes, your prospects are active on facebook. And they can be tracked by installing a facebook pixel on your website.

Pixel is a piece of code, which triggers on each event on your website page. Follow the simple steps below to install pixel on your website (No technical knowledge required, although if your website is managed by a website manager, you’ll probably need them to do it).

Grab the pixel code from your Facebook ad account. This is HTML.

Facebook advertising pixel

– Locate the header code for your website.
– Copy the entire pixel base code and paste it into your website header

Yay!…your Facebook advertising account is ready to show your ads to your prospective clients.

Create a list of people (Custom Audience) inside Facebook based on their activity on your website. Once you start collecting email addresses through Facebook Lead Ads, you can auto import them into Marketo using Marketo AdBridge – where you can nurture them as per normal.

Step-4: Start Advertising!

Like Google Adwords – the Facebook Ad platform also works on the concept of Campaign, Adsets and Ads.

Before you plan your first Campaign, you need to map your Customer journey as per the method above-

Facebook advertising journey

Don’t get too stressed at this planning. All you need to do is think through how your leads will progress from being cold to a buyer, to buying. Map it out and consider the simplest path for a prospect to find you, consume your content and indicate their interest. Do what you can fast because we can guarantee that you’ll need to change/tweak it soon when results come in.

Like all things in this process, it likely won’t end up looking like this. So just do your best with what you think/know right now
Again … no right way to do it.

Almost every successful campaign/journey will have these components ● Source of cold traffic (Facebook) ● a Great Offer ● some Ungated Content ● Lead Magnet to get emails ● Conversion Event (Launch special offer, a Webinar, etc) ● Conversion

Remember – no Facebook advertising can help a campaign with a weak foundation – so get the offer right and wait for those leads to come in.

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