How do you handle stuck Opportunities in Salesforce?

How do you handle stuck Opportunities in Salesforce?

Chances are, you don’t.  Many Salesforce OPPs are just a wish-list of what the salesperson hopes will close.  If all you have is a report that gets sent to you for weekly review, then you need to break away from that stale report, and consider this little App!  As a wise plumber once said to me, “the last thing you want is a stale pipe, Graham”.

So – how do you stay ‘on the ball’ and ensure that your/your teams Salesforce OPPs are continually moving in the right direction ?  Well, we came across this little FREE app the other day.  It’s really cool – it sends an alert when an Opportunity is stuck.

It is designed to alert you whenever an Opp’s stage remains at a particular value for too long a time. For instance, if the Stage is in “Negotiation” beyond 3 days, you will receive an alert prompting you to take action.

Great features:

  • Alerts can be sent to Users or Groups or the Opp record owner
  • Alerts can be sent as either a Task or through Chatter 
  • It can also prompt the sales manager 
  • Different timeout periods for each stage – so its not rigid in its approach
  • Alerts will be generated every morning.  Just what you need first thing in the morning !

You can get it installed into your instance here or you can just ask your RMS account manager to organise it.  Did I mention it’s free..?

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