The Importance of Call Tracking

The Importance of Call Tracking

The Marketing department may well have changed, but traditional Marketing channels are still so core to our business that we need to make sure we don’t forget them!

Why is call tracking so important?

Too often when we mention ‘tracking,’ marketers immediately think of Google Analytics, Marketing Automation, Cookies and GPS. But what of our traditional marketing channels? Having been involved with many organisations who DO track the results of their telemarketing campaigns, events, traditional advertising streams and inbound calls, I’m often surprised at the number of people who are not aware how this can even be achieved. Today, I’d like to discuss these using one easily implemented example -Inbound Call Tracking.

The concept is quite simple: just as we can apply unique parameters to our web URLs such as UTM codes to track customers, we too can customise the phone number we use for people to call in on to differentiate between the source of the call for ROI, and even segment into key metrics like number of calls, or frequency of calls over time.

For example back in the day, (or still today!) you could list one number on your newspaper campaign, another on a billboard and a third on a radio advertisement that all route to the one destination. The operator can take a log or tally of the number of calls from each source as they come in and hey presto! You will be able to monitor the most and least successful marketing channels, the best times to get in touch with people and so on and so forth.

What about inbound enquiries from our digital assets?

The cool thing about call tracking is that the same theory applies to your digital assets! Simply change the number and you can track it. Additionally, with a little bit of help with coding magic (or a tool such as Marketo’s Web Personalisation), you can have your website display a different phone number under different conditions. Your web visitors could have the phone numbers swapped out dynamically depending on what website brought the users to their site.

As an example, someone who came through Facebook might see phone number X, while someone else who came from Google Paid Ad (PPC) might see phone number Y. Again, by monitoring the number of phone calls coming into each of these separate phone numbers, you have a better idea of which channel is giving you better ROI.

Is this just for big companies?

Nope! This is different from buying a new phone line, and as a company, you don’t have to make any changes to the telephone line to achieve this. (There are some phone systems that make it easier of course – but we want you to try this simple solution first!)

What is the value in it for my business?

In this modern world where we are able to track online activity, we sometimes forget that people are still performing offline behaviour like phone calls, especially in certain industries and demographics. Additionally, individuals who make phone calls are often more interested than people who have just submitted a form. It seems a waste not to be able to attribute this kind of lead to any online or digital campaign and activity to truly understand the effectiveness of your campaigns, doesn’t it?

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