Changes to Salesforce means your Marketo fields may have stopped syncing!

Changes to Salesforce means your Marketo fields may have stopped syncing!

Due to some changes between Salesforce and Marketo, some of the fields you’ve been used to have updated will stop syncing. Indeed those Marketo fields will already have stopped syncing in your instance. So unless you have already taken action, you’ll need to review your own instance ASAP.

Recently your organisation would have received an email from Marketo highlighting the changes to the Salesforce (SFDC) integration architecture. The impact of these SFDC modifications is that some of the awesomeness gathered by Marketo about a lead will no longer be synced with SFDC. It’ll still be captured in Marketo of course – just not pushed through to SFDC for your Sales Folks to consume. Things like Lead Score, Acquisition Program, Inferred Company – and such. The staggered roll out for this change commenced on August 15th, 2016- so it’s already under way.  Note – it ONLY effects the custom fields in SFDC – NOT MSI – which of course is an iframe directly into Marketo’s own values – so no syncing is required there.  This ONLY affects custom fields on the LEAD and CONTACT page layouts.

What is changing?

There’re 16 Marketo fields that got created when you first synced your SFDC and Marketo. These will cease to automatically update. Some of it won’t be immediately apparent (things such as Acquisition Program only get filled in once at lead creation time) – but things like Lead Score are a shame not to have syncing … This will render the dynamic fields outdated very quickly.  New leads won’t have an acq prog and lead score will just not update.

The main fields are:

  • Lead Score
  • Acquisition Program
  • Acquisition Date
  • Original Search Phrase
  • Original Source Info & type
  • Original Referrer
  • Inferred Company
  • Inferred Metropolitan area/City
  • Inferred Country

The fields appear on the Lead and Contact Page Layouts below the MSI section.  For a busy Sales Person, this was nice since it saves them from clicking through the MSI tabs looking for these fields.
Here is an example, from one of our clients, of the goodness you can get out of Marketo fields:


Are any of these accessible through Marketo Sales Insight though?

It IS possible to get them through MSI – yes – but the nice thing about having it on custom fields on the page layout is to but save time!

Don’t know what we’re talking about?

A quick audit of some of RMS’s customers’ SFDC instances shows that not everyone has these fields showing.  We really think you should have them on the Lead and Contact Page Layout – to give your sales people all the information they need “at a glance.”

Some of the great things you can do with these Marketo fields:

  • Inferred country/city of a lead or contact: great for sales to eliminate “questionable leads” instantly.
  • Lead score/stars and flames: place this at the top of a contact for quick glance appraisal.
  • Original Search Phrase: marketing and sales can benefit from identifying the prospect’s need, and marketing or selling to it more effectively.
  • Source Info/Original source type: Figure out how your prospect found you – use it as a talking point, insight into what applications.

Sound like a bit of a headache? Want someone to just sort it out for you?

RMS estimate that it would take our experts around 4 hrs to manage this for you.

Check out our blog if you want to read some tips on Field Mapping or for any sync issues perhaps our Salesforce Marketo sync blog. Or, save yourself some time and just call us. We have 15 years’ experience in troubleshooting every sync problem under the sun.

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