Love technology? Interested in marketing? Life at RMS

Love technology? Interested in marketing? Life at RMS

I’ve always had a pretty low tolerance for people who harped on about how much they love their jobs. And how, “it doesn’t even feel like work.” Cringe, right?

My job is the holy grail of marketing jobs

Look, I’m pretty cynical myself, but I actually get it now. Work is work at the end of the day, but I actually do love my job. A role that is constantly changing and posing different challenges using both my strategic, analytical and creative skills is a dream job for me. Not to mention working within a company willing to invest in me!

Still think marketing just content and social media?

You’re living in the past, man!

I started with RMS just over a month ago. I had limited interest in traditional marketing methodologies – coming up with cool ideas for print marketing, or maintaining social media pages with memes (that’s a lie, I love memes.)

However prior to this role, I was a recruitment consultant for emerging digital marketing companies. Roles like growth hacker and digital technologist were sprouting up; suddenly I was aware there was a need for a hybrid marketing technologist/programmer/designer/consultant and very few conventional marketers or developers who fit the bill. Now, that is my job!

The technological shift in marketing

The traditional form of customer experience would entail loosely targeted printed ads, flyers, brochures and billboards with limited links to outcomes or ROI. Reporting would be done manually.

Today we have the technology to build incredibly smart and meticulously planned customer journeys allowing you to track behaviour and automate reporting on ROI at both the granular and macro level. This allows for a completely customised and unique experience for each customer throughout the entire sales and nurture cycle. We now have access to more data than ever before; harnessing it using technology with ease represents just a modicum of what’s to come in marketing practice.

A typical day as an RMS digital marketing consultant

In essence, it’s not what you would expect. No two days or clients are the same. Here is a list below of just a handful of different things i have been working on these past 2 weeks alone:

  • Brainstorm with heads of Sales and Marketing to build out their ANZ lead acquisition plan
  • 2 day Workshop with client to train in Marketo and map out their customer journeys for particular campaigns
  • Project managing the deployment of Marketo within a business using agile methodology
  • Training in HTML/CSS and coding templates for landing pages and emails

As you can see, we consult on a number of fundamental business processes which often boil down to reconciling key sales and marketing objectives. As I learn more about the different areas of digital marketing, I have the opportunity (and RMS’ support!) to pursue any certification or course that I would like to explore that will develop and sharpen my skills. This is a very rare thing to find.

The upshot

I’ve never been so sure that I’ve stepped into the right place; after 3 prior career changes at my age I think this advice could be useful for someone in the same position!

If you’re passionate about marketing, consulting, growth hacking, UX, technology, search and social media, analytics, design, coding, whatever it is – hit up RMS, we’re looking to expand our capabilities into these areas. More than willing to help you learn, explore and find your specialty!

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