The Magic of Remarketing

The Magic of Remarketing

Have you ever noticed that some ads seem to trail you around the internet? “This one keeps following me” – that’s the feedback one of our clients got from a customer about the Remarketing ads we’re running for them. People are often surprised by how the same ads keep showing up on different websites. Some of them even think that you’re advertising on all of those different sites, which give them the impression that you’re a much larger company than you might be in reality.. It can seem complicated, but it’s actually quite simple!


Remarketing was introduced by Google back in 2010 and it is a form of Retargeting on the Google Display network. Retargeting is a way to target banner ads at people who have already shown interest in your products and/or services by visiting your website. There are several reasons why you should have Remarketing campaigns for your website:

  • Stay top of mind – You’ll stay in front of your audience after they’ve left your website.
  • Generate higher ROI – Remarketing lets you reach people who’ve shown interest in your brand, product, or website.
  • Retain your visitors – You drive users through your sales process by using a different Call to Action at each stage of your funnel.


With remarketing you target your ads at people who have visited your website before and have already had an experience with your brand. You can target people who visited any page of your website or people who went to a specific page, like a product page or the pricing page. You do this by placing the Google Remarketing tag on either all pages of your website or specific sections. As people visit the pages that contain your remarketing tagthey are added to your Audience which you can then use to create Remarketing lists. This audience is Cookied and as they visit other sites in the display networks you are running retargeting ads on, they are shown your ads.


To set up a remarketing campaign login to Google AdWords and go to Audiences in the Shared Library and click view. Here you’ll find the Set-up Remarketing button. Go through the steps and remember that when you add the Remarketing tag to your website, you need to add it just before the closing “</body>” tag. Visit the Google AdWords Help pages for more information on adding the Remarketing tag to your website.

Back in Audiences you’ll find that your Remarketing tag is active and that there is one Remarketing List for All visitors to your website. If you want additional lists of Specific campaigns click the red + Remarketing List’ button to create additional lists. When you create a new Display campaign, choose Remarketing and select the list you want for that specific campaign.


That the size of your audience definitely affects the success of your retargeting campaigns, and you need at least 100 people in your list to start running your ads. Even if your campaigns aren’t ready to go live yet it is good practice to add your Remarketing tag and start building your audiences. The more visitors you have in your list, the better!

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