Marketing Automation in a social world.

Marketing Automation in a social world.

Social media is an effective channel in connecting with your audience, whether that be through text, videos or memes. In this blog I’ll be discussing the capabilities of social media marketing in Marketo and how to leverage your platforms to achieve higher engagement and ROI.

What is Marketo Ad Bridge?

Some statistics state that over 95% of paid traffic will never convert to a sales-ready lead. Many people are not ready to buy or willing to provide their information. So how do you bring such people back into your marketing mix? This is where retargeting comes in.

Retargeting means that once a prospect visits specific pages on your website, you’re able to use that information to deliver a more personalized ad that appears for them across their future web surfing experiences.

Marketo knows a lot about your target audience based on their demographics, behaviour across multiple channels and the profiles that you build up over time.

Marketo can connect customer profiles with advertising platforms to allow highly meaningful and targeted ads to appear in the browser of the surfer.  For example, it’s possible to define a segment in Marketo [think Smart List] and apply that to a LinkedIn or Facebook audience segment.

Here are some of the things we can do.

A few capabilities of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Advertising.

LinkedIn –

  • Sponsored InMail: the ability to send a targeted message that appears in a user’s personal inbox.
  • Sponsored Content: pay to distribute your content posts to a larger audience in, for example, user’s news streams which makes them seem a bit less ad-like.
  • Display & Text Ads: Using images or video, these appear in various places across LinkedIn including the homepage.

Twitter –

  • Keyword targeting: Targeting users who are searching for a specific keyword.
  • Interest Targeting: Lets you target your ads to followers of a certain @ handle.
  • Promoted Tweets: A standard tweet that is promoted onto a specific audience’s twitter stream. You can also use images and link it to a landing page you have created. You are charged on a cost-per-click basis.
    Use Twitter’s Marketo integration to capture leads through tweets. Provide a secure GET/POST endpoint to your CRM or marketing automation database and leads are sent directly from Twitter to your database. Similarly, run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and pass data to Marketo with integration.

Facebook –

  • Page Post Engagement: Boost your content posts to a selected audience to achieve greater post reach and engagement.
  • Page Likes: Promote your page using an image and text to a selected demographic of people.
  • Event Responses: Promote your event with a sponsored ad to increase number of attendance.

Other Marketo social capabilities you may find useful –

  • Polling: Insert a poll on your landing pages and collect contact info from people who vote.  Create share dialogues to social media pages. Use metrics to track interactions, shares.
  • Sharing: Adding social buttons to the bottom of landing pages for users to share content with friends/colleagues. Tip: create a social trigger so if someone shares content, an email is then sent automatically to them after a social share or poll vote.
  • Social Auto-Fill Forms – allow users to automatically fill in forms using social accounts (linkedIn, Facebook & Twitter) on pages. Can then track social data and their social URL/number of friends.

If any of these features sound intriguing or potentially beneficial to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re happy to discuss this further and find a suitable social strategy for you.

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