How much money to put in my budget …?

How much money to put in my budget …?

This is a question I get asked a lot.

See the link below from Fallon Emery … – in my opinion – one of the very best from the very best marketeers in IT – Microsoft.

“Best practice indicates that your annual marketing budget should be 3% to 10% of sales (or projected sales). This budget does not include the budget that will be required to hire a Marketing Manager”.

So – if you are shooting for $20mill of sales revenues, you should be asking for between $1,000,000 [to maintain present position] – and $1,200,000 [to position for growth] of marketing budget [not including salaries].

Of course, these are just industry guidelines … But its food for thought. 11 years ago – in my last corporate job – we used a figure of 6%- 8% of revenue.



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