Marketo to be Acquired by Vista Equity Partners

Marketo to be Acquired by Vista Equity Partners

We were expecting a sale of some description – but the name of the new owners @ Marketo has taken us a little by surprise. We were anticipating one of the behemoths such as MSFT or SAP to snaffle Marketo.  But instead, it’s Vista, a U.S.-based private equity firm that has won the day – for what we think is a great price of $1,79bn. Considering Exact Target cost SFDC $2.5bn three years ago, I think the deal that Vista has done is a good one. That said, Marketo is still operating at a considerable loss – so that would have weighed heavily on the Boards decisions to sell to the right suitor.

Who is Vista Equity Partners?

I’m not surprised you don’t know. In an industry of high-profile vendors, Vista are virtually invisible in comparison. They are money-men – led by a charismatic young American guy with a love of tech with a desire to speak out about race & equality. They buy leaders in their industry/niche with a view to building out a portfolio of tools. Last month they bought Cvent; so they’re splashing the cash at the moment, that’s for sure!

Vista has $24 billion in cumulative capital commitments, mostly in the software, data and technology-based organizations. Their teams take a long-term perspective. Their more well known products on their portfolio are Tibco, Cvent, Bullhorn CRM.  For more information, please visit

Commentary from RMS

  • There’s something we will miss about looking for the stock ticker any more and comparing it to Salesforce’s.
  • Vista’s track record seems to be focused on growth which is great – and I’d love to see Marketo & Cvent get snugglier, although it’s unlikely that they will have bought for any reason other than they’re both leaders in their field. Also TIBCOs original premise of The Integration Bus seems to bode well for a good integration partner.
  • Vista doesn’t have offices here in Australia, seems to keep their purchases as stand-alone brands and so this all bodes well.
  • The Marketo board has has achieved their goal of selling – to someone who ‘from the outer’ who at least won’t be seen to interfere too much … Hurrah for the Marketo brand. It’s the cleanest solution from a ‘continuing our vision’ perspective.
  • To RMS – Marketo’s Premier Partner in this region – it’s business as usual !  As you were, everyone 🙂

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