Marketo Email Insights Revamp

Marketo Email Insights Revamp

A far cry from the rigid reporting interface you know (and might not love, sorry Marketo <3) we are excited to introduce the sleek new Email Insights analytics tile.

This would have to be one of the most comprehensive, customisable and slick analytics suites that we’ve seen. The rollout is expected in Asia by December ’16, but if you’re an older customer on a US-pod, you’ll have this now.

Marketo has given its internal analytics capability a comprehensive makeover

Email reporting as we know it

Marketo Email Performance Report

  • One-dimensional email performance report
  • Can manipulate data using smart lists alone
  • Limited customisation and drill-down
  • Data exported and manipulated graphically outside of Marketo

Email Insights reporting

marketo email insights

  • For the first time ever you can choose to analyse by multiple workspaces
  • High-level summary combined with any number of granular elements
  • Sleek, fast, automatically generated charts and graphs
  • Add multiple filters for full customisation of data displayed
  • View and analyse trends and key points of interest
  • Segment by up to 10 custom reporting dimensions on top of custom fields


!      You can NOT delete dimensions once added
!      You will have 4 weeks from getting the functionality to create custom dimensions     (look out for the email notification) to ensure that historical data can be retained. Otherwise, it’s lost forever. So don’t ignore the email!

How do i use it?

Analysing your data just becomes easy.

  • No more trawling through tables to identify and display trends – automatic graphic displays will surface insights
  • You don’t have to know what you’re looking for – play around in the left pane chopping, changing and layering different filters and segments
  • Drill deep into your data – use the pane on the right
  • Save and share chart views inside Marketo (no export function YET).

How do i get quick visuals of key metrics?

The ‘Sent’ tab is your friend.

Great for people who like high-level visualisations. Like your CMO!

Visualisation allows you to instantly scan your deliverability and engagement metrics and be able to get the information at a glance as opposed to trawling through multiple tables and numbers to identify trends. Take a screenshot or save and share the graph with colleagues for instant insights and answers about your data.

When do i get it??

Marketo are currently rolling Email Insights out worldwide – anticipated to have it in every instance by December. Sit tight!

Another Marketo release you may have access to already is the new Marketo Email Editor. If you haven’t, well you’re in for a treat…

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