RMS out and about — the Marketo Roadshow Sydney

RMS out and about — the Marketo Roadshow Sydney

Wow. The word on everyone’s lips at the Marketo Roadshow a couple of Friday’s ago.

RMS was a supporting sponsor.  Our booth in the tradeshow area was flooded – there was n’er a dull moment in the breaks & no shortage of people to talk to and  great time was had by all.

What the public didn’t see was the additional sessions that go on around such a event. One of those was the partner-only session with Cheryl Chavez – Marketo’s VP of Product Management which was really quite awesome. From my perspective this was the money session – getting an understanding of the future roadmap of Marketo.

Here’s some of the RMS crew enjoying a more off-the-record moment or two 🙂



I cant say too much – bound by rules and NDA’s of course.  But it’s exciting.  If you need to know (with RMSs usual pragmatic veneer applied and within NDA rules, but we can certainly guide even if we cannot tell openly) how you should be planning out your marketing automation journey for the next few years, then drop us a line – or an email – or an SMS [we launched our Marketo SMS product at this show you see … ].

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