Marketo Sydney User Group – 9th July 2015

Marketo Sydney User Group – 9th July 2015

A few notes from today’s Marketo Sydney User Group.  At the new LinkedIn offices Veronica presented on Engagement though Marketo, Jennifer Bunting from LinkedIn went into the LinkedIn Lead Accelerator a little deeper and Mike showed us the new-look Marketo Community.  Great job, guys.

It was nice to see so many folk there. Let me know if you’d like an invitation to the next Marketo Sydney User Group!

Below are my notes from the Marketo Sydney event:

Marketo Ad Bridge – an umbrella term for a whole bunch of capabilities:

Extend your nurture programs with online advertising

With Marketo Ad Bridge and for LinkedIn, LinkedIn Lead accelerator, push lists of known contacts from Marketo into Facebook and LinkedIn advertising. You can do this by building your smart list in Marketo based on Marketo data and with the push of  a button publish that list as a target audience into FB or LI for advertising purposes. The main goal for using Ad Bridge is to extend your nurture programs with online advertising. If someone isn’t responding through your Email, SMS, DM or carrier pigeon Nurture mechanisms – then you can now try them similar message across Social.  This is all about spreading the nurture ability across channels.

Push offline conversion data into Google AdWords

Link offline conversions to search keywords in Google AdWords. By mapping Google AdWords to your Revenue Cycle Model in Marketo, you can send Marketo conversion date back into Google AdWords to get a better understanding of your online advertising results.

Personalised Remarketing

By using Marketo Real Time Personalisation (RTP), which is one of the Marketo add-ons,  you can now set-up personalised remarketing Ads across Google & Facebook, letting you focus your remarketing on the right spot.

Engage Everywhere

  • Salesforce1 – MSI works inside the App.  It will show you your Best Bets, Lead feed, Interesting Moments, Add to Marketo Campaign etc.
  • Marketo Moments – check campaign results on the bus .. [I assumed that Veronica was always limo’d around – so I am surprised 🙂 ].  IOS & Android.  Share: sends the top level results with people who need to know.
  • Calendar HD – Allows full HD views of your calendar on office walls of the calendar dates and targets for your upcoming Marketo programs.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

Jennifer Bunting from LinkedIn gave us an overview on what LinkedIn is doing, among which she took us deeper into the LinkedIn Lead Accelerator. As described above you will need LinkedIn Lead Accelerator to use Marketo Ad Bridge for LinkedIn. It is all about building that list based on Marketo data to create your target Audience for LinkedIn advertising, and spreading the nurture ability across channels. Though this is not the only feature in Lead Accelerator. Lead Accelerator also provides a remarketing capability on the LinkedIn network that focuses on converting the 95% of web visitors who are anonymous prospects with relevant ads and content.

Marketo Community changes

As Marketo recently launched their new community, Mike took us through the changes.

  • Search has changed – the search feature is much more elaborate, allowing you to easily filter through the different search result types (ideas, documents, discussions etc).
  • – as the origin of certain documentation wasn’t always clear (marketo or users) a new section for all Marketo documentation was created than can be used as a guide to Marketo.
  • Private Groups – Marketo moved their groups from LinkedIn to the community (like for example the Sydney User Group – feel free to join!) and you’ll soon be able to create your own private groups to set-up discussion groups amongst yourselves.
  • New University – the new community includes a university where all easily consumable information lives to become a Marketo Certified Expert.
  • Gamification – increase your score, win badges, and become a Marketo Champion through the new community.

It has to be said that the Community is a little tricky to navigate at first – but there’s a lot there .. and the new features will begin to make it easier once you’re used to them.

Guided Landing Pages

The final presentation was by Veronica on the new guided landing page templates. She let us know that the drag and drop landing page editor won’t be replaced, this is an additional way of creating landing pages. The difference here is that these landing pages are fully responsive.

The template will need to be set-up by someone with HTML knowledge, though once the templates are created you will be able to easily create a variety of landing pages that are fully responsive. With these templates it will be easier to stay within your corporate style and in-line with the landing pages your colleagues create, whereas with drag and drop these pages could vary quit strongly.

Would you like to learn more about these new features in Marketo? Feel free to shoot me an email.

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