Marketo User Summit 2015 – Marketo Goodness!

Marketo User Summit 2015 – Marketo Goodness!

Hi from across the pond in San Francisco!
There’s been so much excitement and #inspiration at this year’s Marketo User Summit 2015 – from the keynotes, product announcements, customer panels and deep-diving sessions on all-things-Marketo.

I realise I’m a tad biased, but in all honesty, this is one of my favourite industry conferences to attend – and I think the sessions have only gotten better as the attendee size has grown each year.

New Product Announcements at Marketo User Summit 2015:

Mobile Engagement

Now your Marketo users can engage with your app users based on activity (or inactivity) from your iOS or Android application. This topic is near and dear to my heart – and the potential here is quite cool… empowering marketing to follow up by in-app notifications (push) or Marketo email and optimised app conversions.

Mobile Marketo Sales Insight for Salesforce1

This brings sales their Best Bets & Lead Feed right to their mobile device – and gives them to ability to add leads or contacts to Marketo campaigns if you’ve set up that functionality.

Ad Bridge

This leverages the rich data in your Marketo database with the reach of advertising platforms. The Adwords integration empowers you to link clicks and conversions to leads in your Marketo revenue model(s). Meaning, you can evaluate the performance of your ADs based on more than just clicks to conversion rate… think ‘not just about attracting a lot of people, it’s about attracting the right people.’

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator (Marketing Solutions) for Marketo

OK so this wasn’t actually a product announcement from Marketo per-se, but this integration with LinkedIn pairs with your Engagement Programs in Marketo allowing you to make your LinkedIn content more targeted and your engagement programs smarter. Pretty cool.

Calendar HD

Now, we can display the Marketo calendar views on HD displays as well as ‘Goals.’ Should be a handy method for sharing upcoming programs and what you’re working towards with the broader team – and Marketo users who don’t currently have access to the Calendar.

Moments App

Moments bring our email and event program’s details (content, schedule) on-the-go so that we can tweak, review, approve, confirm and reschedule campaigns wherever we are. Additionally it will share program stats (i.e. what matters for our program) right from the app.
I am über excited to see this release and think it’s going to be SO helpful for those (many) of us who are juggling multiple programs on a daily/weekly basis. I know my fellow Power Users will share the joy 🙂
I’ll be deep-diving into specific uses and how-to’s in coming posts, but if you have specific questions in the meantime about the Marketo User Summit 2015 or any of the things I have mentioned- reach out to me and let’s get talking!
Warm Fuzzies,

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