The Marketo Users Showcase Hour [MUSH]

The Marketo Users Showcase Hour [MUSH]

We’re Excited !

On 25th June we will host what we’re calling MUSH — a webinar which is designed to “give back” to the Marketo community.

We are building MUSH to be a high octane 60-minutes plus questions – where we will share as much as possible using REAL-LIFE, LIVE [heavens help us!] Use Cases of Marketo + + Design + SEM + lots of other stuff.   It’s what our customers have asked for – to see what other users are doing with the technology.

Four local Aussie companies have approved us showing their systems during this session – we’ll be logging in LIVE into the Marketo/SFDC instances at Salmat, Ricoh, CALUMO and Australian Cancer Research Foundation, where in a mix of talk and mouse clicks we will show off the capabilities and hopefully give the community the incentive to get busy with a Marketo environment that really “hums along”.

This is a by invitation-event only – we will need to vet attendees due to the nature of the content provided and the permission provided by our four customers.  You can check out more details and register your interest to attend at the link here: and feel free to tell your friends and colleagues.  We have a hard-limit of attendees on our Go2Meeting — so if you can, please buddy up with a friend [it’s always more fun that way].

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