Marketo’s Email Editor 2.0

Marketo’s Email Editor 2.0

Marketo’s launched its new Email Editor 2.0 recently. Yay !

Certainly the new email editor makes editing emails easy and it’s got some interesting new features. But to turn it on is not an insignificant leap to take – so before you, feel free to give us a call.

In the meantime, here’s some Pros and Cons as we see them.

Pro’s of switching on the new email editor:

  • Improved ease of use – drag and drop functionality.
  • Ability to use one template for several email types (newsletter vs blast etc).
  • Ability to duplicate sections – this removes the need to define in advance how many articles you ll be needing in a newsletter template.
  • The new editor will continue to be embellished/built upon by Marketo. The old Editor [v1] will no longer be improved or developed.

Con’s of switching to the new email editor:

  • When a template is updated to support 2.0, the old emails using the template will not be automatically updated. This needs to be done manually.  But this isnt much of an issue really- how often do you go back to use old emails?
  • Some minor bugs that we’ve encountered.
  • Loading time of emails with a lot of modules seems quite long.
  • API doesn’t support 2.0 email assets at this time.


  • Advanced Email Editor with Modules & Elements: The new editor makes it easy for you to manage different sections in your emails. If you’ve been using the guided templates for landing pages in Marketo, you will see many similarities in this new email editor. The editor allows you to add, remove, and reorder different sections in your email. And within each module, the elements help you edit colors, fonts, text etc.
  • Template Picker.
  • Built in Pre-Header Text: For those who use a code snippet in emails to personalize the preview text in Gmail or Outlook, this is a helpful feature. Pre-header texts can help you improve your email open rates.
These are some of the common questions I have heard while working with different clients:
Should we just turn it on?
If you are in a small team and your fellow marketers are in the same room, yeah. If you are working with marketing teams in different offices or you have different workspaces, wait until everyone is on the same page.
Any risks of the new editor?
When we started migrating assets, we have run into challenges. The process and effort for migrating to the new templates depend on 2 factors – the number of old templates you want to continue using after the migration, and the quality of the code of your existing templates. If you want to use your existing templates in the new editor, you might have to get the whole template recreated to match the syntax that supports the new editor.
How can we edit our old emails in the marketing programs? 
After you enable the new email editor, Marketo gives you an option to disable it and use the old editor. However, we do not recommend doing this unless you have a critical business need. If you want to use your existing templates after the migration, you should get a code review done for the templates to ensure they are seamlessly supported in the new email editor.
If you need any help with all of this – don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager- or if you are a new client [yay!], we’d love to hear from you.

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