Migrating from one Marketo instance to another? Here’s what you need to know!

Migrating from one Marketo instance to another? Here’s what you need to know!

If you’ve found this blog, but you are NOT, in fact, migrating from one Marketo instance to another Marketo instance, you may be wondering “Why would anyone ever do that?”

Well, your organisation may be restructuring, so you need to jump into a different Marketo instance as a result, or you may be moving CRMs and want to break your sync to your old CRM instance and move to the new one. Or in extreme cases – you may just prefer to start from scratch due to the mess you’ve [or your predecessors] created…

Whatever the reason, if you are looking to move to another Marketo instance, contact us and we can help ensure you take your most valuable assets, reports and minimise the amount of work you do.

So what is involved with moving instances you might ask?

Well, due to the complexity of the assets and set-up that you have in Marketo, it is not simply a case of getting a copy of your instance from Marketo and uploading it into the new one. There is a series of manual tasks that should be executed, and in a specific sequence. Some of these tasks can be simplified, but this is not a trivial task. And just as when you first started with Marketo, you will need to do much testing, planning and data transfer to achieve your goal.

I’ve put together a list of things to consider before taking on a project to move your Marketo instance, but remember to contact us because each instance of Marketo is completely unique and so each migration will be too!

  1. Leads – How many leads will you bring across? Do you want to take this opportunity to cleanse your data before you move into a new CLEAN instance?
  2. Lead Fields – Do you REALLY need to bring across every field you’ve ever used in Marketo previously? Remember that each of these fields will need to be created in the new instance.
  3. Programs and Smart Campaigns – Keep in mind that when migrating instances you are not bringing across your program history – just the shell of the program. So only transfer those programs and smart campaigns that you will need to use moving forward of that you want to keep as a template or reference.
  4. Landing Page and Email templates – Remember to review and bring these across – but remember you will need to consider your images and links once they are in the new instance!
  5. All Emails and Landing Pages – Once again, review and move across – but remember that you are not taking across their history, just take those that are needed.
  6. Snippets
  7. Images and Logos
  8. Forms, reports, report subscriptions and lists – IF you do need to carry across any program or email history, you’ll need to create lists/reports to do so. Don’t just think about the reports you use on an ongoing basis.
  9. Users and roles.  Use this as a great opportunity to review/cull/clean.
  10. Channels. Use this as a great opportunity to review/cull/clean.
  11. Admin settings – Such as unsubscribes, communications limits, locations and CRM sync
  12. Webhooks
  13. Additional Web Services providers
  14. API settings
  15. Archives – Consider whether or not you would like to bring your archived data across.

There certainly is a LOT to consider, and these are just the most common considerations – drop us a line and we can assist further if you are considering migrating Marketo instances.

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