Awesome new features in Google AdWords

Awesome new features in Google AdWords

A little while ago I attended one of the Google Partners Master class events here in Sydney where David Booth from Cardinal Path presented some great material.  Amongst other things he mentioned a few interesting new features in Google AdWords. Me being a complete Google Geek jumped right in and had a look at these new features and what impact these changes might have.

Google Call out extensions

Google Call out extensions are a lot like site link extensions, but for information you don’t have a specific page for. The extensions let you include additional text with your search ads, like ‘free shipping’, ‘now 30% off’ or ‘free trial available’.  These extensions are not clickable, and serve mainly to promote unique aspects of your business and increase CTR. You can find out more about how to set-up your call out extensions here.

Close Variants in Exact Match and Phrase Match

In late September Google started to include close variants into Exact Match and Phrase Match keywords. This means that misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemmings, abbreviations, and accents are now included when you use Exact Match and/or Phrase Match keywords. For many large to the last detail optimised campaigns this will be an issue, because the keyword floor is just not the same as the keyword flooring. The only solution: add negative keywords for all close variants you don’t want to trigger your ads.

The end of description line 2

Google keeps updating the way we can show our ads and since 15th October Google might show your ad extensions instead of the second description line of your ad on mobile search ads. This depends on how well your ad is expected to perform. Google implemented this change to provide even more relevant and useful information on mobile devices. So keep in mind when you write your ad text that your second line is still compelling, but the first line is far more important now.

Website call conversions

With Google conversion tracking you can track when people fill in a form for example, but what if those people visit your website after clicking an ad and then pick up the phone to call you? You can now track this as well with Google’s Website call conversions. This type of conversion dynamically inserts a Google forwarding number on your website that measures the calls made by these customers. When someone rings that forwarding number it will be tracked in Google AdWords just like all other conversions. You can find out more about setting up website call conversions here.

So these are a few recent changes in Google AdWords. If I remember correctly David Booth mentioned that Google has close to 1,000 updates per year throughout all its products, amongst which are these AdWords changes. That’s a great reason why you have an agency taking care of your online advertising. if you’re struggling to stay up to date yourself and need some help with your AdWords campaigns, feel free to shoot me an email.

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