New Marketo Assets Development Packages

New Marketo Assets Development Packages

Getting the right Landing Page templates, email templates and micro-site templates is vital.  They’re the fundamental building blocks of your marketing automation experience.  Indeed, the right templates are often:

  • the difference between wrestling with your Marketing Automation tool and enjoying the experience;
  • the difference between getting your latest campaign out on time or weeks late;
  • the difference between knowing your pages and content look great on delivery or you’re getting complaints from colleagues about how they look on their customers’ screens;
  • the difference between you being able to do it yourself and not have to spend ages in discussion with your agency and getting it back not looking how you wanted it.

Getting the balance right between affordability and full-on creative flexibility is the new challenge, and one we think we’ve solved. Check out the creative template packages from RMS here – the work of resident visual comms guru, Jean-Louis.  Remember – these are built by J-L and team in-house – we NEVER outsource this stuff – The marketing automation tools are too unforgiving for that and quality is out utmost priority. You can be creating fully responsive, awesome looking LPs, eDMs and full on microsites in minutes – NOT struggling with an agency.

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