RMS – a Bluprint X company

RMS – a Bluprint X company

We made a significant announcement earlier on this week.

I wanted to take some time to describe our reasoning to our clients and our partners.

To most of you, you will know us as a wonderful boutique agency that happens to provide specific skills – typically in the marketing technology space, probably with Salesforce, Marketo, artwork design mobile marketing and such like. And we’ve been doing that for 19 years now – helping you to reach your goals and hit your targets. It’s time for us to take our own Next Big Step- and I hope you’ll agree, there’s more than a little ‘in it’ for you too!

I’m going to use a proverb and bend it slightly – so bear with me.  These days, “it takes a village” to do marketing. Marketing is no longer one of the things that companies do when they have a successful product. Marketing is entwined into everything that an organization does. And in order for you, the marketeer, to be at the forefront – you need help. Not just help with figuring out your marketing automation tool or helping you to put in a CRM system, although that’s core. “It takes a village” of people with different skills to help with the strategy, to set the ideal workflows, to build the return on investment reporting, to guide and set up the structure that your marketing team – even if there’s just a handful of you – is going to require in order for your organization to be successful.

A review of our business last year identified that the absolute best way that RMS can provide even support for you was to increase RMS’s size, reach, depth and breadth. Last week we did that – with one stroke of the pen by joining one of the most innovative MarTech companies on the planet – Bluprint Global. We announced last week that we have been acquired. We’ve had a relationship with Bluprint for quote some time now – sometimes fighting over potential employees, sometimes losing [and sometimes winning!] deals. We know Bluprint well, and some of you have already met Bluprint’s CEO: Lee Hackett.

Bluprint Global is a leader in the marketing automation space. It has skills of its own right in Marketo, but also in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Marketing Cloud and many more. But its depth and its services in other things such as Allocadia, Workfront and other tools are going to be invaluable as we look outside of our own hut to see what the rest of the village can provide. I really hope that you come with us as we go down that journey.

Over the next few weeks we will be provide you with an insight as to how you can take advantage of our new colleagues/brothers and sisters in Liverpool, New York, Zurich, Dubai and London. I look forward to your continued support as we continue to provide even more excellent skills to you in the future.

Thanks for all of your support and understanding, and for reading this.

Graham Porter.
Managing Director,
RMS: a Bluprint X company

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