RMS insights into Marketo’s latest release

RMS insights into Marketo’s latest release

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Marketo has announced its seasonal release notification which highlights many new features and enhancements scheduled for 9 December….just in time for Christmas!

For all our avid Marketo clients, RMS shares its 2-cents worth on what is truly beneficial along with other minor enhancements.

Marketo’s Latest Release

New Features!

  • Predictive Content for Email – let Marketo’s machine learning recommend content within emails for each lead [RMS: Artificial Intelligence for your emails? Will see how useful this is, but it sounds promising!]
  • Facebook Offline Conversions – optimize your ad spend with Facebook Offline Conversions [RMS: with offline conversion measurement on Facebook, you can track when transactions occur (ex: orders made over the phone) after people see or engage with your Facebook ad]
  • Universal ID – seamless switching between Marketo subscriptions using the same login credential and maintain one community profile across subscriptions. [RMS: this is a biggie for RMS where we are logging into multiple systems in a period – NOT an end user/single company who only has one instance]

Feature Enhancements

  • ABM – assign account teams (e.g. account owner, sdr) to named accounts, build account owner specific account lists, and send personalized weekly ABM reports. [RMS: ABM is a good direction for RMS clients who might be building a profile to target large accounts – and who need a team of people to do so]
  • REST APIs – manage named account attributes and account scores with the Marketo REST API [RMS: any API enhancement is good!]
  • Audit Trail – change details are now included for smart list filters and triggers, flow actions, and users and roles [RMS: a minor enhancement but much more useful than the earlier release]
  • New Permissions – restrict which users can make an email operational and edit smart campaign restrictions [RMS: a minor enhancement but certainly notable]
  • Mobile Improvements – sound for iOS push notifications now supported [RMS: minor enhancement]
  • Sales Insight – now compatible with Salesforce Shield Encryption [RMS: anyone daring to say that MKTO isn’t being ‘developed’ for SFDC should take note!]

So, are you maximising your Marketo investment? By keeping on top of these ongoing features will ensure you get the most out of your Marketo instance….and RMS is always here to help!

Visit the What’s New – Fall 2016 Release page for more info on these features.

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