RMS Operational Update: Marketo remains down

RMS Operational Update: Marketo remains down

UPDATE: 6:00AM AEST Thurs 27th July.

RMS’s advice: normal services are still not reestablished. There’s been no direct word to clients from the Marketo folks overnight. But I’ve [Gp] been checking things for the last couple of hours, and although it appears ‘safe to go back into the water’ IF  you can get a connection, our guidance is still to keep your distance.  In the last 2 hours, I have been able to access login.marketo.com five times, and failed three times.

Impact of the last 30 hours or so: are yet to be determined. What we do know is this:

  • You were not able to consistently log into Marketo during the course of yesterday to build or modify anything. This remains the case at the time of writing this.
  • Marketo<>CRM integration appears not impacted [tbd].
  • Your pre-existing live forms and live landing pages were most certainly impacted yesterday.  Note this is different from our initial guidance given yesterday. Initially this was not the case, but during the day yesterday this became more apparent to us. Some RMS clients reported that existing forms and Marketo landing pages were down – sporadically – during the day. The level of impact on your live forms and LPs would have been dependent upon where your instance of Marketo is running [if you have an instance over 3 years old, you’ll be in a USA data centre, for example which was more severely impacted].
    • Impact: if your clients or prospects are presented with a WordPress Landing page with a Marketo form on it, the Marketo form may not present itself. Consider your live campaigns – you may have lost leads/regos.
    • Impact: if your clients or prospects are presented with a Marketo Landing page with a Marketo form, then they may be presented with an error page which LOOKS like its an error of your making. See the image for an example of how this looked for RMS’s own web site pages at 3pm yesterday.  It looks like this is something that is RMS’s fault – but that’s not true – it happened because the Marketo LP wasn’t found.  This WILL have happened to you at some point yesterday and we will check for you again today. You may need to review and communicate to clients who may have experienced this. What is really frustrating about this is that a) the implication is that this was an error of RMS’s fault[not true – it’s simply because this was a LP being managed in Marketo] and b) the error page has links to RMS’s competitors! Eeek!
    • Impact: oddly enough, anyone who had a form in an iframe built on the *really old* Marketo forms editor 1.0 seems to not be impacted!

RMS’s guidance.  If possible – do not attempt to go back into Marketo.

If you need help with any of this – drop your RMS Account Manager a note, or email me.

Graham’s comment. Whilst nothing good ever comes from such an outage – it is very worthwhile to put this into perspective.  Every software company experiences such errors from time to time. Perhaps not so publicly, but all IT vendors will experience it.  The most important thing is how we – as users of Marketo – react to issues that our own clients have faced. So if you were in the middle of a campaign yesterday – consider running an apology today – if you feel there’s benefit in that – you can blame Marketo !! There’s certainly a lot of web content to prove it wasnt your fault [check twitter #marketodown or #marketoapocalypse].

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