RMS Operational Update: Significant Marketo outage: Update

RMS Operational Update: Significant Marketo outage: Update

UPDATE: 3:08PM AEST Weds 26th July.

Following on from our message of earlier today about Marketo’s outage.

RMS’s advice: is to maintain your distance from Marketo at this present time.  We’ve noticed sporadic periods where we can indeed gain access ‘through the front door’, but we soon come to a halt, plus it’s slow and it’s frustrating.

Our experience seems to be that forms are still working, lead scoring, the CRM sync all seem OK [from initial review, no specific analysis so pls don’t quote us on that until we can investigate].

Back-end services seem to be working – but the front-door won’t allow us in. We’re not missing any leads and flow steps on triggers seem to be firing OK too. But the Marketo web site itself and the interface to the Marketo systems are down.

Our own instance of Marketo is not usable in its present state, at this time – so we are sending email notifications from Outlook. We feel retro!

Stay tuned.

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