RMS SERVICES – Telemarketing

RMS SERVICES – Telemarketing

When used in conjunction with a well-defined marketing campaign, telemarketing services are a very effective form of marketing.

Telemarketing is one of the few areas of marketing which provides instant feedback, and it’s useful in giving a human voice to the company, freeing up time for the sales team, and for research.

Sales Pipeline

Sales teams need a pipeline – without a pipeline there will be no future sales.  Telemarketing can assist the sales team by moving a prospect along the pipeline, generating qualified leads for nurturing and also segment out leads that are not relevant, which leaves the sales team free to do what they do best. Selling.

Give your company a human voice

All customers and potential customers like to feel that they are important and part of a community. Following up a website enquiry or other marketing activity by phone gives an organisation a human voice. The telemarketer is often the first human contact a prospect can have with a company. A well-thought-out telemarketing campaign can be the first step to building an ongoing relationship.


We all know that sometimes it’s just quicker to pick up the phone and talk to someone directly, rather than send long emails or spend time researching on the internet.  Telemarketing is often the quickest way to locate the correct person to speak with, to populate missing data for your CRM and to find out how customers and prospects really feel about your product or service.

So what’s stopping you?

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