RMS and digitalbrief collaborate on AMI’s Marketing Automation workshops

RMS and digitalbrief collaborate on AMI’s Marketing Automation workshops

RMS is proud to announce that we have joined forces with AMI and their education partner Digital Brief to deliver Marketing Automation Strategy workshop sessions to AMI’s students.

The aim of the workshops are to teach marketers how to:

  • Build flexible demand generation and lead management strategies that scale
  • Review the top marketing automation software solutions and how to select what’s right for your B2B or B2C business and marketing objectives
  • Ensure that marketing automation aligns with business needs to grow sales and revenue
  • Immediately implement what you’ve learned to create a successful customer journey to sales via marketing automation
  • Identify the data and metrics that are important to track and measure against strategy and tactics
  • Find the data you need to be sucessful
  • Ensure campaign flow and media attribution
  • Target effectively, boost conversions and be a great marketeer.

If you are interested in this or any other AMI approved workshops please click here.

Graham Porter, CEO & Marketing Evangelist, Resolution Marketing Services said “We believe in AMI’s conviction to empower marketers to advance their thinking, develop their skills and fulfill their true potential. The Marketing Automation space is incredibly fast-paced, filled with many tools and vendors. But it’s the people that will make a successful MA project. The RMS team has worked with many MA tools over the last 5 years and run hundreds of workshops assisting marketers with their MA challenges. We are very excited to join forces with AMI and Digital Brief in these sessions.

When asked about the affiliation, Russel Easther, Director & Lead Trainer, Digital Brief, said “We chose RMS because they have a unique depth and breadth of experience with Marketing Automation – from BAU and advanced campaigns to Marketing Automation selection criteria, integration and administration.

About AMI:
As the leading professional marketing association in Australia, the Australian Marketing Institute offers a platform to advance your thinking, develop your skills, fuel your development and fulfill your potential – so that you are equipped to take on the challenges of a changing marketplace.

The Australian Marketing Institute’s representation of the marketing profession goes all the way back to 1933. Since then, we have continually evolved to meet the changing needs of the marketing profession. Today the AMI represents marketing professionals throughout Australia across a range of marketing disciplines, business functions and industries. The AMI has established strong links with business, academia and government to become the leading voice of the marketing profession.

About Digital Brief:
When digital media started making waves, there was a sense of confusion, a knowledge gap, and a lack of confidence for many media, agency and marketing professionals. Media buyers pretended they knew what they were buying, media sales professionals bluffed a lot, and marketing managers wasted their budgets on unsuitable solutions. digitalbrief was formed to take out the confusion to create a better understanding of the digital landscape. We’re passionate about what we do and how we do it, as we provide our complete digital knowledge to businesses and marketers across all categories.

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