Sales and Marketing Collaboration is more important than ever

Sales and Marketing Collaboration is more important than ever

For those who have worked in the sales and marketing fields for some time will be very aware of the disconnect between Sales Teams and Marketing Teams.   Ongoing collaboration between these two equally important parts of any organisation is now more important than ever. The trap of the two teams working as independent bodies is an easy one to fall into. When both teams lose sight of the big picture and the results can be loss of sales, loss revenue, and ultimately loss of jobs. Who wants that.

Aligning the two teams can be a difficult and time consuming process. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Both teams have language and terminologies specific to their field. Sales and Marketing teams need to be able to understand the others language and terminology. Sitting down together to define the terminologies and the language can go a long way to bridging the gap.

It’s all about communication and education, walking in another team’s shoes if only for a short time gives perspective and depth of understanding. Send marketing out on a sales call occasionally, let marketing see just how hard it can be to convert a lead to a customer.  Marketing can show Sales how important it is to tailor the message to the audience, why they qualify the leads the way that they do and why the Marketing team grade leads.

Marketing should attend sales forecasting and business review meetings as sales should be involved in Marketing’s high level planning and strategy meetings. Each team needs to understand how the other engages with clients.

Using effective planning and communication, sales and marketing teams can guide a lead along the pipeline. Each side shares the same end goal of growing the business, there is a great risk to business development efforts when marketing and sales are not fully in concert.

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