Using Salesforce for your telemarketing list

Using Salesforce for your telemarketing list

If you’re a telemarketer, one of the biggest pains in life is having to use a CRM system. You just want to work off a spreadsheet. They’re easy to use, you’re in control and you can update things cleverly.

But – for the SFDC System Admin, or the Telemarketing Manager, having a silo of data (the excel spreadsheet we just referred to) is painful. It’s GOTTA be in SFDC.

So – what to do? Simple. Watch the instructional video (no frills!) about using VIEWs, Multi-select and a pick-list. Couldn’t be simpler.

If you need help with Salesforce, we can (help that is).  We’ve been doing this stuff for 14 years – that’s a long time!

Contact us – we can save you hours a day, weeks per month and you from going insane.

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