Salesforce in 2001.  What it looked like 14 years ago.

Salesforce in 2001. What it looked like 14 years ago.

So – Salesforce has announced it’s re-skinning itself.

Hurrah ! I say.  About time too.  The present User Interface [UI] is a little tired, methinks.

But as UI’s go — is it really that bad ?  Certainly we don’t think so – having a UI from the 1980’s doesnt seem to have caused Salesforce to lose too many deals 🙂 and they seem to be doing quite well.  But it is great to hear that they’re ‘tending to the garden’ and keeping up with the more modern world.  Just so long as they dont “do a Microsoft” and either a) dumb it down [like MSFT did with various versions of Word to try to make mail-merge easy – and increasing the complexity by introducing 3x as many clicks] or b) move everything around [like MSFT did with Windows 8, Vista etc.].

The news caused me to look back at when SFDC last made a significant UI change — and I found these images from about the time that Noah said “Looks like rain dear, I might build a boat” .. well – okay, not that long ago, it was Feb 2001 [which is about the time when you were in nappies, at school or at university I suspect].



Out of the box, The Leads Tab looks a lovely shade or orange.

Hey, this was so long ago that I was even using Internet Explorer !


but the core functionality was just as today really …



The new interface – called “Lightning” is a bit different – sleek and modern.


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