Salesforce Lightning – Are you ready for it?

Salesforce Lightning – Are you ready for it?

You may have noticed this option has appeared under your settings in your Salesforce instance:


And you probably felt like this:


Clicking this will change the UI to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. And makes this:


Look like this:


Ain’t it pretty?

However, there are some things to be aware of when switching to Lightning.

  1. Some features won’t work with Lightning (yet). For example, campaigns and person accounts are not supported at this stage. For a full list click here.
  2. The URLs in Lightning are different from the URL in Salesforce Classic. So if you are sending alerts from Marketo that contain a link to the SFDC record, these links will no longer work.
  3. The Lightning UI is really quite different from the classic UI and switching it on requires training of your sales personnel and a proper roll out plan.
  4. Salesforce themselves warn you that Lightning is still in Beta and there will be some bugs – expect some things to break if you switch it on before it s ready!

When you’ve switched Lightning on and you’ve decided you’re not ready yet, you can switch right back to Salesforce Classic (Classic will be around for a while). However, Lightning will affect most of you eventually so in a series of blogs we’ll help you prepare.



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