Tips for setting up your own Nurture Program

Tips for setting up your own Nurture Program

Were you aware that nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus nonnurtured leads? Is a nurture program part of your current strategy? If not, it really should be!

RMS has been working on a fun new project recently – our very own Drip Nurture Program. It’s been such an exciting project and I’d love to share my experiences and tips to ensure a smooth planning and execution process for you.

Just to quickly re-cap, a ‘Drip Nurture’ or otherwise known as an ‘Engagement Program’ is a great Marketo capability allowing you to define which audience segment should receive which stream of content and when. You serving up the right content at the right time ensures your audience remains engaged with your brand. Create the stream of content, set a schedule and you’re off!

You might consider a nurture stream for the following:

  • Introduction stream for new prospects – Automate your introductory emails with a nurture stream. Introduce your product and offering at a comfortable pace, with light content to keep your prospects interested.
  • Educate interested prospects – As soon as they download something from your site enter them into a specific stream with more in depth case studies, reports and white papers specific to their needs.
  • Bottom of the funnel prospects –  As they move closer to the purchase stage why not reinforce your company is the better choice. Put those leads through a stream with promotions, what you can offer, it may just be the trigger they need to purchase.

Here are some top tips once you’ve decided on the purpose of your engagement program:

  • PLAN before you BUILD. Don’t jump right in. Lay out each email in the stream, each CTA, what LP they lead to, your smarts, what assets you’ll require. Map out your customer journey visually, even if it requires 20 metres of butchers paper and new office space, DO IT!
  • Template & Imagery. I recommend you go with a constant theme throughout your stream to tie it all together, keep that in mind when collating your emails and images.
  • Consider your unsubscribe options. For example, if you’re creating a stream for new leads who have just filled in a form on your website, you should set up a smart campaign that if they opt out to only remove them from the nurture stream rather than from all your future marketing activities. Eventually consider where people may be opting out of the program to better optimize your content.
  • Include plenty of CTA’s. It’s a great opportunity to cookie your audience as well as track their clicks and engagement with your content.

So whether you’re looking to share relevant content and engage with new leads, keep in touch with existing leads, or push along sales ready leads a drip nurture program is definitely something to consider with proven benefits. Why not enrol yourself into RMS’ nurture program here, it’s plenty of fun!


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