RMS – Proud Sponsor of The Marketing Nation

RMS – Proud Sponsor of The Marketing Nation

Amazing speakers are coming to Sydney at the end of August to present at Marketo’s Marketing Nation. Topics to be discussed include things such as The rise of the digital marketeer, The connected customer, Australia’s digital engagement, Personalised engagement and How to keep your brand relevant.

RMS is a proud sponsor of this event – don’t forget to come and see us there – where we will be showing off some great new multi-channel service offerings.

The Marketo marketing folks tell us there’s 500x registrants already – so don’t delay register here.

There’s three main reasons to attend:

  • There’s a GREAT line-up of speakers focused on excellence in Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation.
  • It’s free.
  • RMS is excited enough to be a sponsor of this event.

Other reasons:

  • This is Marketo Australia’s first ever International Roadshow event.
  • But you most certainly do not need to be a Marketo user to enjoy the event. The sessions are not tied/focused on Marketo use at all.
  • It’s free [okay, we cheated – but its good enough to list twice].

It would be great to see you there.

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