RMS’s mantra – student becomes teacher becomes student

RMS’s mantra – student becomes teacher becomes student

My daughters attend a pretty amazing school. In the two years they have been there, my wife and I have been super impressed by the whole setup.

When student becomes teacher

The school operates a program where my kids will be taught how to teach younger students how to: Enhance their self-esteem, Be more resilient, Cope with a changing environment, Foster positive relationships with others and Contribute to the well-being of the school community. Cool, huh?
I think this is just awesome, after all – teaching is how the human race progresses.
But here’s the thing .. it works both ways. For the student, they get to learn something – so it’s clear what they get out of it. But the teacher learns too. Indeed, teaching others is probably the very best way of learning yourself.

When teacher becomes student

Yep, that’s what we strive to do at RMS. We teach you how to incorporate digital marketing tools into your organisation – to educate you on ‘the best way’ for your business/team to leverage your investment in digital marketing. That may – or may not – be leveraging ‘best practice’ [a term we’ve come to use with our tongues somewhat in our cheeks] – but certainly the very best way for you.

This continual evolution of The Optimal Way has become The RMS Way. We’re proud to say it’s an unfinished work which has been a labour of love for over fifteen years now. We build on our vast experience with our hundreds of clients over the years to deliver support, strategy and expertise informed by real user experiences. Not a day goes past where I don’t learn at least something new from our clients and use it to better support others.

Hats off to the teachers!

So – I salute the teachers of the world, and we look forward to our next conversation – where we shall be learning just as much from teaching you as you are learning from us.

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