Telemarketing is dead … long live telemarketing

Telemarketing is dead … long live telemarketing

An ex-client called me the other day to enquire about telemarketing services. “You know Graham — as your team did for us 10 years ago.  Just telemarketing to get appointments – no need for any other mumbo-jumbo like collateral or messaging – I just want you guys on the ‘phones talking to people about our new ‘xyz’ capability – which is awesome … we’re getting super traction in the ‘xyz-loving’ industry and we have three customers  in that space“.

The world has moved on on since the telephone was the only way to make connections with people.  RMS is more than just a telemarketing agency that can make rabbit pop out of a hat where other aspects of the campaign have failed [although I do say that we have a great track record of that !].  Prospects are a lot more savvy and a lot more time-poor.  Some years ago, just the offer of “we have a guy expert in xyz who is in your neighbourhood next week, can he buy you a coffee ?” was often enough to book a meeting.  But these days, that is no longer true.  Either caffeine isnt the lure it used to be, or people just dont have time.

So – with this in mind, we need to think a little more laterally with the campaigns.  Our most successful campaigns are — unsurprisingly, perhaps — where RMS has control over multiple aspects of the campaign.  Giving us – the main driving agency – more levers to pull.

Social media lovers will tell you to drop telemarketing in favour of building a community in a blog and some LinkedIn activity, or getting a story read by a million people on a web site. We take a more pragmatic approach. What we tend to do is to tackle’ each target/person individually — a bit like calling mounting a campaign per person. Prepare for the call with with some content real to immediately follow up with; by also advertising on places we know they hang out – such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Adwords on sites of interest; and by sending collateral electronically to them for review.

In short: “just doing telemarketing” rarely works any more.  But “telemarketing as a core component of a campaign” is still a vital part of the mix.

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