Don't panic! There’s always Version 1.1

Don't panic! There’s always Version 1.1

In my last blog I suggested a 3-step approach to web design projects to avoid unnecessary arguments and delays. This method focused on settling the design vs content debate as early as possible in development process.

But because a website project can go on for weeks (if not months), there is also a high probability that project team members might come up with alternative ideas for sections that have already been approved and finalised.

“I was surfing the net last night and I came across this great website…. Can we replicate this effect on our website? It shouldn’t take long!”

To prevent such discussions from delaying the project completion, the project manager must define a rule that will test the importance and urgency of any suggestions that may come up at the latter stages of the project.

I call this rule, the VERSION 1.1 rule.

First the project team should define Version 1.0 as the version of the website that will go live on the agreed launch date.

Then version 1.1 becomes an updated version of version 1.0, where issues and suggestions that are not vital to the initial launch of the website will be addressed and implemented. How long after the first launch before Version 1.1 goes live is up to the team to decide.

So whenever a late suggestion is made, the project team can discuss whether it is vital or not for the launch of the website and choose to either include it in version 1.0 or add it to the version 1.1 workflow.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to leave a comment or to contact me.

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