3 Reasons you should do Video Marketing

3 Reasons you should do Video Marketing

In the past the internet was all about the text and images were seen as ‘childish’. Nowadays this has changed – images are hot and videos are getting hotter. Video can be the focus of your website, rather than text or images. We are visual creatures so most people prefer to watch a video rather than read text. In this article I share the three top reasons why you should use video marketing for your company.

1. Video marketing builds up your brand and credibility

People who are watching your video are hearing your voice, enthusiasm and passion about your company. They are forming a first impression about you, because they are seeing a real person. This is something you cannot communicate through text blogs –  they’ll almost feel like they’ve met you.

2. Video’s help rank you site higher in search engines

If you want to rank higher in SEO, a video is a great way to do it. It’s 50 times easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than it is to get a standard web page to rank on page one. The easiest way to do this  is to use relevant keywords in the video file name, the video title, description and tags when you upload your video to YouTube.

3. Instant Expert Factor

By using video you are promoting yourself as an expert. By talking about your field in online videos, you are positioning yourself as an authority.

These three reasons means nothing if your video doesn’t look professional. You need to have an excellent camera, a green screen, good lights and an awesome script to impress others. If you don’t know how, or if you don’t have the right equipment to make a video, we can help you. To see what we can do look at this great example:

And yes we can make yours just as awesome as this one! Please contact us if you need a helping hand.

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