Agile Marketing Measurement

Agile Marketing Measurement

As Martech becomes mainstream, content creation is becoming more agile, customer communications become easier, and marketing execution is becoming more agile, it’s time for marketing measurement to become agiler too.

Manually assembled year-end review decks and annual mix models don’t cut it any more. We need measurement methodologies that can keep up with the pace of the modern marketing organization, and a big boost in marketing ROI awaits.

Agile marketing measurement fuels the agile marketing engine.  The incremental return on marketing investment that teams can expect if they commit to agile marketing measurement and rapid optimization is key to the growth of your organisation.

You’re going to need

  • To model out the ROI of agility at your organization
  • To identify and avoid real-world limitations that marketing teams face as they scale up
  • Data access and analytical tools and methodologies – to drive the change in a world of more rapid decision-making
  • A centralized marketing analytics function to support decision-making in a more distributed, granular, cross-channel way.  Oh, and you want it on-demand and in real-time too.

So – what’s the best way to do all this ?

Well, you probably have all the tools !  It’s a case of building a process to get all of this done. It’s not hard, nor is it rocker science.  But it does just need doing !

Drop us a line when you’re ready.

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