Save 20% of your time building Marketing Automation assets

Save 20% of your time building Marketing Automation assets

I get a lot of questions from clients about templates.  So I thought I’d share the top few Q’s here:

Q1) Hey Graham, why do email and landing page templates matter?

According to Ed Pullen @ Legal Super, good templates shave off 20% off the time it takes for each campaign build.  Imagine what you could do with one additional day per week !

Q2) I see there are templates in the Community … I can use them, can’t I? 

Not one RMS client (and we have 250+ of them) uses the community templates. Yes, of course they exist, but bear in mind that you get what you pay for and they are not to be blindly trusted. You’ll need to spend time performing test after test on all O/Ss and hardware platforms [not just testing software!]. In our extensive experience, the freely available templates work 60% of the time on about 60% of the operating systems and across all relevant email client/browsers. So you get what you pay for.

We always recommend our clients get beautiful email and landing page templates built for your requirements, aligned to your brand guidelines and to your needs, engineered using nine+ years of experience and incredibly granular tech knowledge on tools like Marketo, Pardot, Marketing Cloud and others.

Q3) Can we get our in-house developers to build our eDM and LP templates? 

You can, of course but *all* of these Marketing Automation tools have their nuances, quirks and various ways of working which will break things.  You’ll see hundreds of emails posted like this [below] from Marketo’s, Salesforce’s and Hubspot’s community where folks have tried to do this themselves.  We’re sure your HTML-wielding gurus are all very well meaning – but you don’t want to end up with the CEO standing at your desk showing you their device and pointing out all the errors!


What 19 years of experience suggests to us that you do and don’t need

  • A suite of templates that you know are bulletproof, will work on every platform known to mankind, that will never cause you grief and that you know you can just create a new asset from knowing it will be delivered just the way you intended
  • You don’t want to have the hassle of rebuilding, testing, making sure that it works across all the platforms every time you build a new asset, do you?

So when we propose our templates – ones that are handcrafted in our offices in Sydney by experts with over 19 years experience with MA platforms, to the highest of specifications and tested using every device [and I know because I authorise the purchase of every new Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and other piece of technology so that we can physically test it on all of those devices].

You need someone with that level of expertise – and that is the RMS dev team.

Another question we get is:  “We’d like to see many different options for adding padding, adding breaks, changing the background colours, options for 2 column & 3 column module content. 1/3 image & 2/3 copy module etc.  Can we have that in our templates?”

The answer is “Yes” [then we put our tongue in our cheek and continue with “… and they will work when you send them out too”.

About RMS’s email and LP templates

The RMS templates are used every day by hundreds of organisations sending millions of emails pointing at thousands of landing pages. They are to be trusted for robustness, for cross-platform compatibility and optimised deliverability. Without them, our experience shows that:

  • you would spend twice as long time per month building assets than you should be
  • you’ll get bored of testing – and end up cutting corners or ‘making do’ with the result being reduced impact and poor customer experience

How does the process of engagement work?  We’ll sit with you to determine the kinds of templates you’ll require.  We’ll then pick from a list of [literally] hundreds of module styles [see below] to create you a suite of templates in your Marketo instance, fully tested, such that you can rely on them forevermore…






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