RMS's Data Management and Data Cleanse Package

RMS's Data Management and Data Cleanse Package

Designed because data management is important (see previous post here), the RMS management and data cleanse package seeks out bad data, eliminates it and leaves your systems shiny and smelling fresh.

It’s not a “black art”, but it is one of the least talked about areas of marketing – because, well, it’s not sexy really. And yet it is one of the most-requested services that RMS has offered over the years. Seriously – who wants to do their own washing when someone who (does it for a living) wants to do it for you?

Below we demystify the process (to a degree) and lay out what you can expect from an engagement with us:

Taking steps to create a cleaner database

Step one: a short data cleanse kickoff meeting

Or a phone call to establish expectations and for RMS to gauge the level of complexity of the job at hand. RMS will be in regular contact with progress reports and to discuss any unique issues uncovered. Typical topics of discussion are:

  • What do you use the data for? Newsletters, brand awareness, communicating special offers or price changes to customers, technology updates, or all of the above?
  • How often does the data get touched/used? Daily, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly?
  • What is the biggest problem with your data? Increasing number of bounce backs? Your database has become unwieldy due to inaccuracies within the data i.e. contact no longer at a company, change of name of company or company no longer in existence, incorrect spelling of company name, duplicates of either accounts or contacts within the accounts?
  • Has there been any work done to clean the database previously?
  • Where has the bulk of the data come from? Website hits, bought lists, contacts generated at events or trade shows, or all of the above/more?  How are the records segmented/tagged?
  • How do you store your data? Excel, Salesforce, Dynamics, Sugar, Sage?
  • Do you have any guidelines about standardising how data is entered? Have you tried to enforce this before now, and what was the result?
  • Number of staff who use the database and their job roles.
  • Do you have a data administrator?

Once these questions (and more) have been fleshed out, access to the database is required. This is simple if it’s Excel, but you’ll need to give us a log in to the CRM if that’s feasible, or we can come and work on-site. Access is required to allow RMS to prioritise the next actions.

Step two: the process for the data cleanse

RMS will report back to you and outline the most effective way to clean the database.

An outline of a typical process follows below. Our work can also include recommended ongoing processes to maintain the quality of the data into the future.

RMS can either access your database remotely or on site, this will depend on your location.

Step three: data cleanse action

Work on the cleaning of the database commences.  Typically, our work includes the following actions:

Duplicate accounts/companies and contacts

Duplicates are inevitable in your CRM instance. We can help with that.

Poor or incomplete account/company Information

Accounts which have been either created (new) with poor contact information or no contact information or an existing accounts that have been edited and the new information is poor.


No contacts? No one to market or sell to. Typically there’s four main areas of data cleanse action required:

  • Duplicate contacts: Someone did a sync with their ‘phone and suddenly… whoopsie).  Someone’s added all the Contacts from the last campaign back in as Leads.
  • Bad data (bounced emails, bad phone numbers, bad records).
  • Inactive Contacts (have they left? Or are they just not responding to your messages? Perhaps they need to be ‘graded’ for their level of interest in your messages)?
  • New Contacts for us to find for you (someone has left their organisation, we need to find their replacement).

If you want your data all shiny and smelling fresh, drop me a line!

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