Keep the cogs turning

Keep the cogs turning

HELLO (from the comfort of my home office)!! I hope you are keeping busy, well and safe.

I’m no stranger to working from home, but not so many of us have worked from home on a daily basis for so long. This has posed new and interesting challenges. But we have seen and weathered challenging times before. Some of the longer-serving consultants here @ RMS/BluprintX ANZ have weathered challenging times in the 2000’s for example. We’ve been through good times and less good times. We’ve got this.

So – with our experience and upon reflection, what advice can we give you?

It’s important not to lose focus of your prospects, customers and end users at this time and a remote workforce means that your Digital Marketing is key. RMS can help you achieve these goals – here are just a few tips and tricks.

  • You know how on planes they always say fit your own mask before helping others – this is no different! Make sure your MarTech stack is up to scratch. A key business benefit of an integrated MarTech Stack is visibility – regardless of whether you are in the same office, state or indeed country.
  • Take the time to review your journeys and workflows to ensure you are not sending comms that are irrelevant or worse: tone deaf, in the current environment. This could damage your relationship with your audience in the long run or make you a laughing stock.
  • Ensure you are capturing the data from your virtual/remote meetings directly in your MarTech source of truth. In our case, we achieve this through integrated Webinar and Marketing Automation.
  • Make sure you have a formalised and detailed plan of communications, a journey that will target your relevant audiences as these challenges dissipate. Our key recommendation is one journey that addresses your audience during this remote climate and a second ready to launch as soon as the business challenges change.
  • Remember some of your basics too – if your Marketing Strategy depends on cookies, remember that your audience is possibly using a different set of devices, so plan your cookie spreading campaigns sooner rather than later!
  • Finally, in all your messaging, keep it up beat and reduce your level of formality slightly – remember your audience is likely in isolation and would appreciate some social interaction too.

For BluprintX ANZ, it’s mostly business as usual  – albeit with a new name! We continue our training and education programs online. Our MarTech consultancy carries on – utilizing our own MarTech Stack of course! (Marketo, Integrated SMS, Video Conferencing and Webinar and Salesforce just to name a few)

If your Marketing team is too busy or if you need assistance with anything we’ve discussed here reach out to us. Many BluprintX consultants have weathered similarly challenging climates alongside our customers in the past – where we’ve helped and assisted until times got better. Many of these customers (from more than 11 years ago!) continue to work with us to this day.

We are ready to help you and your team now.

We, like many others, look forward to the near future when we can assist you onsite, share snacks and food and touch the same whiteboard Marker without sterilising it first. Until then, we look forward to speaking with you and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like assistance to KEEP THE COGS TURNING!

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