Are you “making the most” of your investment in your Marketing Technology Stack?

Are you “making the most” of your investment in your Marketing Technology Stack?

For over 8 years we have been working with tools such as Mailchimp, Marketo, Salesforce, Autopilot, Hootsuite, Facebook, Google and countless others. Whilst new software comes and goes, one question is constant: “How can we get a better return from my Marketing Technology stack?”

In order to address/answer to this – we have packaged our consulting services into an easy-to-consume offering. Called “Continuous Improvement Days” (“CI Days”), these are regular, coordinated either full-day or half-days per week with an RMS expert.

Would your organisation like to be an organisation known for continuous improvement in communications with clients, prospects and your other stakeholders?  Of course you would. Read on.

Why are we doing this? Our clients have told us that there is great value in regular engagement ‘to drive real improvement’. But they also say that they need some encouragement to make sure it actually happens. We know how much more you can be doing with your Technology stack and nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients take their investment to new heights of relevance and importance in their organisations.

How CI Days work. Firstly, at the start of the engagement – we’d build a program of works with you – ranging from maturity-matrix/health-checks through to training programs, expansion activities, campaign execution, social setup and deeper engagements. Then – over the following weeks, your expert comes to you – either: a) in person/your offices/in your systems or b) working remotely.

A Program of Works doc will list the core set of goals for us to achieve in the subsequent months. Things such as Improving your Interoperation with Sales, Search Engine Marketing integration, MQL flow model, Lead Scoring Model, Email 2.0 implementation, Lead Queue assignment, ROI reporting, Social integration, First/Last touch attribution, Integration with other data silos …  etc. Whatever they might be, we consider the work we need to execute, plan it out and then execute on a regular cadence – say “every Friday @ 9am”.

Getting stuff done: It is the responsibility of both of our companies to agree the time to be spent on CI Days. RMS will charge for our time on a set sum per month based on agreed hours. The hours are there, lets use them !

Logistics: Work is to be carried out on your premises ideally to start with OR remotely. Whatever works. It’s important to realise that this is for an up-front agreed number of full days per calendar month. The purpose of CI-Days is to drive meaningful continuous improvement for you, your team and your systems every single month to extract the most from the Marketo software that you’ve bought. We’ll be very engaged with you in this new relationship.

Pricing: Is per full day and per half day per week.

Likely outcomes: Better quality leads. A fuller experience for clients. A better return on your use of your marketing technology stack.

Interested? Email me.

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