Marketeers beware. Don't let the new shiny automation tools ruin your comms/messaging skills

Yesterday I received correspondence from a very well known tech company which is a leader in marketing automation.

The focus of their email to me was that I had interacted with one of their earlier emails — focusing on the vehicle and it’s great technical features.

The call to action was to get me to interact with this second email ….!

I get it — you have a great new shiny toy.  But I dont care that you have the capability to track my actions … indeed I might find that worringly “Big Brother” ..!

What the campaign should have been about was how I can improve my response rates, make better decisions etc.  But it was lost ….

I fear that the art of “good communications” and “good messaging”  is being lost in the rush to adopt technology to improve someone’s marketing ROI numbers …  Good campaigns that will LAST start and end with communications — not the vehicle.

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